Laura M.

"You had mentioned that someone went to the North Pole - “Who would go to the North Pole?” A few weeks later I let my sister hear the tape and she smiled. Said she had just gone through some of Dad’s things and found a Certificate that he had indeed crossed the North Pole. Ha."


You are a gift from God. 
I cannot express to you what the consultation means to me. It is the difference between me moving on and staying in my room. 
Please accept my most sincere thank you."
With love,

Sandi B.

"I had a lot of issues with my mother and the way she treated me during the time of her passing. So the fact that she came thru and said she was sorry about this time in our lives has helped me incredibly."

Patricia D.

"Thank you for your adamant insistence that he was alive and would return to me. I don’t know how I would have made it without that hope. You eased my pain in an incredibly painful time, and I am grateful."

Tom K.

"I received the recording yesterday and, of course, listened to it last night. It was just as wonderful, if not more so, hearing it as it was during the reading with you. I’ve shared the experience with my children and each of them were quite moved. God bless."